Location: Molo, Kenya
Founded in 2001
Staff size: 13
Budget: $384,000

NECOFA promotes efficient, profitable and ecologically sustainable agriculture systems in Africa. The organization focuses on community empowerment, environmental justice, natural resources management, increased awareness of rights, roles & responsibilities, increased traditional knowledge transfer systems


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Food security
Community Health
Community Enterprises


Food Security

100 established kitchen gardens/vertical garden
12 established school gardens
18 dairy goats distributed to 4 community groups
21 sheep distributed


Environmental Conservation

81,000 indigenous trees in re-forestation
17 established environmental clubs in schools.
500 households using energy saving stoves
20 community groups tree nurseries established


Biodiversity Conservation

Bee-keeping with 10 community groups
Forest excursions
Mapping of medicinal plants
4  botanical gardens in schools


Community Health

Medical camp
Bed nets to 2000 households
Children shaving sessions
Water and sanitation



We send a team of GlobeMed members to work with our partner for the summer. This opportunity to learn, reflect, assess, and plan for the future of our partnership is fundamental to the GlobeMed model.

Goals of GROW


Collectively reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the previous year of partnership.


Engage in mutual learning & evaluation of the work that has been done in order to assess impact and opportunities.


Set a strategy for the upcoming year of partnership through development of a new Partnership Action Framework.
The Team
Emma Esselstyn

Year at UW: Sophomore
Year with GlobeMed: Second
Why I'm excited to work with NECOFA: The bimonthly skype calls with our partner contact, Jane Karanja, have made me ecstatic. NECOFA's positive impact on their community is something I cannot wait to learn from and be a part of.

Paris St Clair

Year at UW: Junior
Year with GlobeMed: First
Why I'm excited to work with Necofa: I can't wait to work with NECOFA because they've already made incredible strides in their community in terms of improving food security and responsible land management strategies, and I believe this will be a very fruitful partnership! I'm beyond excited to get to know the staff and the community, as well as have them get to know us, and overall create strong relationships to support our partnership for years to come.

Rachel Siegel

Year at UW: Junior
Year with GlobeMed: First
Why I'm excited to work with NECOFA: I could not be more excited and humbled by this opportunity to go to Kenya and work with NECOFA. Having the opportunity to learn and gain first-hand experience working with an NGO is such a valuable and important experience that I, and the rest of the GROW team, will have. NECOFA Kenya is such a hardworking, community based organization that helps so many different communities throughout Kenya. I am especially excited to take on the large responsibility of being the first members to work with NECOFA Kenya. While this is daunting now, I know that with our team and the help of the team in Kenya we will have a long and beneficial partnership.

Kelli Scheuble

Year at UW: Junior
Year with GlobeMed: First
Why I'm excited to work with NECOFA: I am excited to work with NECOFA Kenya because it is such a unique opportunity for me to work with an NGO in many different communities throughout Kenya and I know that the learning experience will be invaluable. NECOFA is an amazing organization that strives to empower communities and I could not be luckier to be a part of the first GROW team that will be traveling to Kenya and interning with NECOFA. I am looking forward to cultivating a long lasting partnership and bringing back my experience to the rest of the chapter!

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